Recent Recipients 
Battalion Chief Matthew Jepkes
Aurora Rotary Club President Skip Arms and Brad Pierce recently presented the Eagle Award to Aurora Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Matthew Jepkes in person. We were unable to present the award until now because of COVID-19.
“Far too often we miss opportunities to show appreciation and respect for leadership. In hopes of stopping that trend I would like to commend Chief Jepkes on going above and beyond on May 29th. Chief Jepkes had been command on two working fires just hours apart on the evening of the 29th. At the conclusion of the second fire Chief Jepkes came into the home to do a final inspection before turning the property back over to the homeowners. Chief Jepkes made sure that all electric was turned back on for the comfort of the homeowners. Due to normal operations there was a small amount of water on the floor of the kitchen area. Without pause or judgment that it had not already been done, he found a nearby mop and began to clean the water from the floor. Not only did he try to leave the home better than we found it, he showed all the members of his battalion what is expected. He did so by using the greatest of teachers, a good example. We are proud to have Chief Jepkes as a competent fire ground tactician and leader.”
Eagle Awards

Eagle Aware Nominations

Candidates for the Eagle Award must demonstrate the ability to meet challenges of their job by going above and beyond the call of duty, or someone who exemplifies leadership and a lasting impact on the community. Awards are now awarded quarterly and alternate between the Aurora Police Department and the Aurora Fire Department.
Please contact Brad Pierce for more information.

Past Winners

Sept 2023 - Battalion Chief Matthew Jepkes
June 2023  Fire Fighter Paramedic  Danielle Allen
Feb 2023 : Officer Stacee Sparks & Officer Jason Condreay
Dec 2020:  Fire Battailon Chief Matthew Jepkes
Jan 2020:  Sergeant William Revelle
Feb 2019:  Fire Rescue Bert Herrera
Aug 2018: Sergeant Mike Holm, Aurora Police Department
July 2018: Fire Medic Travis Pulliam, Aurora Fire Department
Oct 2017: Engine 9 C’s crew: Lt George Begnaud, Fire Medic Shannon Hardi, Fire Fighter Antonio Marraudino, and Eng. Judith Baker, Aurora Fire Department
April 2017: Captain Sean Dolan, Aurora Fire Department
April 2017: Officer Jim Seneca, Aurora Police Department