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Newsletter - Current Oct 22, 2014
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 Editarian:  Jerry Allen

Asst. Editarian:  Gene Spanarella

Club Photographer:  Brad Mikel            

Next Week

October 29, 2014

 Dark No meeting at Double Tree


Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab (CELL)

 99 West 12th Avenue

 Denver 80204

 $4 Entry Fee


Tour of The C.E.L.L.: Wednesday, October 29 at around 12PM.  (This is a DARK Weds for the Club.) The C.E.L.L. staff are willing to run a fully-guided tour to accommodate members. Depending on how many people want to go tour The C.E.L.L., I will tell them what time we'd like the tour to end and they will pace according. They will offer members a reduced admission price of only $4 per person for the tours.

Debbie Lynch and I (Patti Bateman) are planning a couple of carpool vehicles for the people currently signed up.  If we have more than 10 total, we will recruit another driver.  We will park in the Parking Garage across from the D.A.M. and meet in the plaza area just outside The C.E.L.L., which is on the south end of D.A.M. plaza nearest 12th.

For more information on The C.E.L.L., click on this link: http://www.thecell.org/

DATE: 10/29/2014 (Wed 12:00PM )


Patti Bateman

VP Patti Bateman conducted a very busy meeting. 


Save the Date 

   Tuesday November 4

Area Assembly


Double Tree

5:30 to 8:30

Heavy hors d'ourves

Cash Bar

Please click the link below to sign up



November 5

No meeting at Double Tree



Wed. November 12 

First Responders Luncheon


I-225 and Parker

11:15 to 1:00

There will be no meeting at the Double Tree on this date.


Red Badge 

 Chris Price Red Badge

VP Patti Bateman presented Chris Price with a Red Badge as she welcomed her into the club.  Pat Landaker is Chris's sponsor as Janice Napper looks on Chris is the owner and physical therapist of Body Image Physical Therapy & Fitness, PC.


Blue Badge 

Jannis Napper 

VP Patti Bateman welcomed Janice Napper into the club with a Blue Badge.  Pat Landaker is her sponsor.  Janice is transfering from the Gateway Rotary Club Janice is the Assistant City Manager/City Clerk for the City of Aurora.



This Week

October 22, 2014 

 Communication (How to do it Better)


Roger Frame

Roger Frame, Ph.D. talked about identifying the make-up of people you need to communicate with.  Knowing the preferences of people and talking in terms and the manner they prefer minimizes their resistance to your ideas and the suggestions being offered.  

 From Roger's blog:

It turns out that people have different preference styles that influence how they work.  Some people have vivid imaginations and are great seeing the big picture.  They love change.  Others excel in implementing details.  They tend to be neat and orderly.  Rather than seeing the relationship of parts to the whole, they prefer to see things sequentially.  A third style is fascinated by numbers.  They like to analyze options.  They value people who are focused and to the point. They have little time for idle chit-chat.  The fourth style tends to be more emotional, and to value social interaction.  They may be more distracted if someone enters the room, but they excel at developing social networks.

Everyone functions with all four styles, but most  prefer one or two, maybe even 3 styles.  Preferences however, are not necessarily abilities.  Just because a person prefers to attend to details, does not mean that they have the ability to manage complex projects requiring attention to detail.


Roger gave members his book Don't Carve the Turkey with a Chainsaw on resolving family conflict.


Roger's presentation was filled with examples and illustrations.  My notes were inadequate to recreate the detail offered





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