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Newsletter - Current Feb 26, 2015
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 Editarian:  Jerry Allen

Asst. Editarian:  Gene Spanarella

Club Photographer:  Brad Mikel                  

Next Week

March 4, 2015

Visit Aurora

Pete Bailey


Literacy Project

$11,700 worth of Kindles have been ordered for third graders in Aurora Public Schools.


Blue Badge

Ron Fay

Brad Mikel, Ron's mentor. congratulates and presents Ron Fay with a Blue Badge. Ron is the Principal at Rangeview High School


 New Paul Harris Fellow

 Paul Harris Fellow

Rick Richard presented Pat Landaker with her Paul Harris pin and certificate.


Paul Harris + 7 

 Brad +7

Rick Richard presented Brad Mikelwith a PHF + 7 pin. 


Save the Date

    Mar 14 Shots for Tots 


May 1-3 Dist Conf at



May 12 State of the City


July 11 Installation





  Friends First Award

Kimberly + Jack


Kimberly Armitage presented a $2,000 award to Jack Jimenez the Lead Coordinator for Friends First.


Friends First

Jack and Elycia

          Jack Jiminez, Lead Coordinator and Elysia Cook, Executive Director of FriendsFirst explained the Mission of FriendsFirst.

            FRIENDS FIRST, Inc. was founded by Dr. Lisa Rue in 1993 to address the increasing trend of out-of-wedlock childbearing and incidence of births to teen mothers. The initial programming focused on mentoring youth and encouraging them to delay the onset of sexual behavior. Since its inception, FRIENDS FIRST expanded the focus to include promoting healthy choices to youth to refrain from using alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and violence, as well as encouraging positive youth development, character, and leadership.


This Week

February 25, 2015


 Responsible Energy Advocates 

Polly Page

Polly Page introduced Robert Schutzius the reserves manager for Anadarko Petroleum Corp.


Robert Schutzius

Robert Schutzius, a graduate of Hinkley High School, showed a power point presentation about hydraulic fracturing (shortened to fracking) that dealt with

1,  What fracking is.

2.  Why fracking is necessary.

3.  Where it takes place below ground.

4.  How it is regulated to make it safe.

5.  The benefits of fracking.

1. Fracking is the process that occurs after a well is drilled and the casing is cemented in place.  The oil or gas bearing strata (called the "Pay") is perforated by explosive shape charges     High pressure pumps pump water and sand through the perforations and extend fractures back into the formation.  


2.  Fracking is necessary for pay zones that are porous (containing hydrocarbons) but where there is no permeability or connections between pores.  The fracking process provides a path for the water that was pumped into the formation to flow back and also for the hydrocarbons to flow into the pipe.


3.  The formations needing fracking are a mile or more below the surface. 


4.  There are stringent regulations about the set back from urban areas, how strong the pipe needs to be, and  precautions to make sure the cement is bonded all around the pipe and over the pay zone.  


5.  This process has made the US energy independent of the middle east, Russia and other unstable countries from which hydrocarbons were imported.   In 2013, imports had decreased from 60% of our needs to 30%.  This improved the US balance of payments which is economically important (and is for discussion at another time).

Colorado benefits from the taxes levied on production, and 150,000 jobs associated with the petroleum business.























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