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Newsletter - Current Nov 20, 2014
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 Editarian:  Jerry Allen

Asst. Editarian:  Gene Spanarella

Club Photographer:  Brad Mikel            Photos by Dwight Taylor

Next Week

November 26, 2014

Dark No meeting at Double Tree

Thanksgiving Holiday


 Red Badge

 Ron Fay

President Linda Witulski presented Ron Fay with his Red Badge.  Ron is the principal at Range View High School.  The club has 78 members now.


Save the Date 

December 20

   Holiday Party


Franciscan Center


Salvation Army Bell Ringing


        Pete Traynor, Bell Ringing Chair, announced that the club will be ringing the Salvation Army bells every Saturday starting 11/29 to 12/24.   There are two locations: King Soopers at Parker and I-225 and Smoky Hill at Himalaya.  Two members are assigned to each two hour time slot.  Please contact Pete and find out what time slots are available.


 Rotary International Foundation

 Rick Richard

      Rick Richard announced that November is Rotary Foundation month.  The goal is for each member to contribute at least $100 per year to the RI Foundation, every year.  There are two foundations, the Aurora Rotary club foundation, and the RI Foundation.  The club foundation is for local projects and is mainly funded by events such as the State of the City luncheon.  The RI Foundation is for non- local projects and is funded by Rotarian contributions.  The money sent to the RI Foundation stays there for 3 years.  The interest from the funds donated are used to pay RI Foundation administrative expenses.  At the end of three years, the money that was donated is available to District where the funds were donated and are used for the District's clubs projects (as approved through the Rotary Foundation Grant process) such as our water projects.   Each members contribution is accumulated.  When the member's contribution totals $1,000, the member becomes a Paul Harris Fellow.  For each additional $1,000 contribution made by the Rotarian they are awarded additional level recognition pins.  At such time that the member contributions reach $10,000, the member is designated as a major donor. 

   Rick has forms to be used for recording each members contribution.  Checks or credit cards are accepted.  This drive will go until December 17.

Contact Rick at:





 Update on Area 2  Assembly

       Area 2 assembly was held on November 4 at the Double Tree.  Five clubs attended, Aurora, Smoky Hill, Gateway, Fitzsimons, and Stapleton.

One of the actions resulting from the assembly was The Area 2 Public Relations Committee.  The purpose of the committee is to publicize what Rotary is and what it does.  The title of the video to be produced is "Rotary Through My Eyes".  Pat Landaker is Aurora's representative to the committee. 


Wait Staff's Gratuity

Ron Maclachlan

       Sergeant-at-arms Ron Maclachlan explained that the servers that serve us all year receive no tips from the revenue the Double Tree receives from the club.  Every year at this time, the club takes up a special collection for the wait staff.  He said that the collection will be on December 3 and 10 this year.


This Week

November 19, 2014

Aurora Water


Marshall Brown

          Marshall Brown a civil engineer is the Director of Water for the city of Aurora.  He talked about the history of water in Aurora, how it is organized, and how the availability of water is important to the growth of Aurora.

       Aurora determined about 1902 that it would be important for Aurora to have its own water supply.  Aurora has some wells but 90% of its water is surface water that is collected from the mountains and transported to Aurora.  85% of Colorado's water is on the west slope while 85% of its population is on the east slope.

 Quincy Reservoir

Quincy Reservoir


        Colorado Water Law governs how water is purchased and who has the right to the water:  In general, it is the Doctrine of prior appropriation which means the first entity to file for the water has the rights to it.   All of the water was appropriated many years ago and has to be purchased from the person who owns it.  Consequently, it is important that Aurora uses and reuses its water efficiently.  One system that does that is Prairie Waters.

        Prairie Waters is a water recycling system located near the Aurora Reservoir.  Waste water is treated and dumped into the South Platte River from the two treatment plants.  Near Brighton there are wells that withdraw the cleansed water and it is piped to the plant near the Aurora Reservoir to be used again.

        Aurora water sources are located all over the state.  Here is a list of reservoirs and their capacities.:

Aurora Water Reservoir Summary – November 13, 2014
Active Capacity (a.f.)
Current Content (a.f.)
% full
Aurora Reservoir
31,679 27,892 88%
Quincy Reservoir
2,693 2,431 90%
Jefferson Lake
2,313 1,152 50%
Aurora Rampart Reservoir
1,295 1,032 80%
Spinney Mountain Reservoir
53,651 47,714 89%
Shared Storage*
64,764 41,830 65%
Total 156,400 122,051 78%
Units in acre feet (a.f.) = 325,851 gallons

Aurora Water Mission Statement

Enhance and protect the quality of life for Aurora citizens by providing safe, dependable and sustainable water, sewer and stormwater services, today and in the future.



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